Weekend w Paryżu / A Weekend in Paris
Weekend w Paryżu - A Weekend in Paris
"Wódka i kobieta" / "Vodka and the maiden"

projekt filmu krótkometrażowego w reżyserii Jakuba Pączka / produkcja Paczek.com
a short film project by Jakub Pączek / produced by Paczek.com

the project was pitched during Euro Connection 2014 during the Clermont Ferrand Short Film Fest
and was featured on the Daazo Pitch Page in the World of Shorts Magazine Berlinale 2014 Issue

Original title (Polish): Weekend w Paryżu

Genre: drama

Estimated running time: 10-13 minutes

Shooting format: 35 mm

Company: Paczek.com (Poland)

Producer: Jakub Pączek

Contact: paczek@paczek.com    Skype: paczek.com

Written and directed by: Jakub Pączek
Set design: Alicja Kazimierczak
Costume designer: Magdalena Pawłowicz
Executive producer: Rafał Ulicki

Magdalena Popławska - Her
Janusz Chabior - Driver

Teresa Pawłowicz
Grzegorz Mikołajczyk
Krzysztof Chodorowski

Tagline: Vodka and the maiden...

to obtain the password please contact us at paczek@paczek.com

She's 33 and has achieved all that the word success stands for. She holds a key position in a huge international corporation, she's being chauffeured in a company-owned limousine, has a beautiful office in a skyscraper and a luxurious condo at the very heart of the city. She also has a secret well kept from anyone else, even her own lover - she's a high- functioning alcoholic. If anyone should find out, she might well lose all she has. Therefore she pursues extremely well-crafted actions in order to cover up for her weekend drinking. Yet another weekend is about to begin. This time round it's not going to be like so many of those before. As no matter how clever her system is, she is actually the one who also happens to be its weakest part.

Director's bio:
Jakub Pączek was born in 1984, in Kraków. Graduate of Film Directing at The Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School, Katowice, and History of the Church at The Pontifical Academy of Theology, Kraków, Poland. He has directed several short films based on his own scripts, among them the much acclaimed "The Washing Machine" and "Rolls of Identity". His graduation film entitled "The A Side" had its premiere at the CAMERIMAGE Film Festival in 2011. For his thirty-minute professional debut "The 128th Rat", which he also wrote, he received, among others, The President of Polish Television Prize for the Best Directing at the 53rd Kraków Film Festival. He also worked as an assistant director to Maciej Pieprzyca in his feature film "Life Feels Good". Presently he is busy editing his newest short entitled "Full Dive", as well as developing several feature-length scripts. As of 2013 he has been invited to teach Film Directing at The Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School, Katowice, as a junior academic.
Website: www.JakubPaczek.com

Leading actress:
Magdalena Popławska is on her way to become one of the most prominent female actors in the history of the Polish Cinema. Graduate of The Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Kraków and a holder of a scholarship from Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Sensitive, awfully intelligent and, above all, versatile. You can see her in plays directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski and in a very popular series titled "Usta Usta" (the Polish version of the UK series "Cold Feet"). These are completely different roles; however, her commitment and contribution are the same. She is in her element on the stage as well as on the film set. She is always very committed and always does her best. She does not seek popularity among the crowds and she shuns publicity. She is extremely assertive, trusts her intuition and demanding toward herself.
Website: www.knockknockactors.com/about.php?id=29

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